• Effective Digital Loyalty Get a loyalty program customers will actually use
  • Mobile Stay top of mind anytime, anywhere
  • Get to know your customers. Engage customers at the counter when they care most.
  • Track ROI Driver behavior with your results driven program.

Digital Loyalty Program

A cloud based digital rewards program that is 8x more effective than any traditional method, fits the style, look and feel of your networks.

Mobile Communication

Directly on their mobile phones or Facebook and filter your customer’s data to send targeted messages that will increase the impact of your campaigns.

CRM Solutions

Powerful CRM campaigns will help you improve your service and customer experience. Collect, organize, automate and synchronize your customer’s information, get feedback and streamline your loyalty marketing efforts!

Reporting and Tracking

Track your ROI in real-time and closely follow the results of your loyalty and marketing campaigns.

GetOne takes the traditional cards and loyalty systems to a cloud based digital platform with an iPad based system that is fully customized. Customers register through the customized iPad system, providing their phone number which is used as their ID to track rewards. This method results in strong engagement with your customers to make sure they enroll and actively reminds them to register their visit each time they come in. Customers don’t have to remember to carry cards or anything else, which results in higher usage and participating takes less than 8 seconds.

GetOne includes an outbound mobile marketing platform based on the cell phone number captured in the iPad enrollment process. Now that you have a relationship with your customers, you can market to their cell phone to drive incremental sales volume.

Filter the information and audience to make your messages relevant and more likely to drive behavior. Our cloud base platform will deliver your message through multiple channels. Give your customers more options to stay connected.

Learn about your customers’ preferences, opinions, experiences and personal information. Use the data to deliver targeted marketing campaigns, enhance your customer service experience, improve your product offerings, create fun incentive programs, drive more loyalty and connect. We will help you create fun and appealing campaigns to collect relevant information about your customers right at the point of sale. We will store the information, connect it to your existing platforms and help you sort it to create result-driven campaigns.

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