About Us

GetOne Rewards has developed software and mobile applications for retail establishments who want to digitize their traditional loyalty, communications and marketing systems and integrate them into one platform. Our sophisticated but simple approach solves every problem of traditional loyalty card systems while transforming them into powerful social media, mobile communication and marketing engines with the power to fundamentally transform the way every business creates long term loyalty.

Founded in the beginning of 2010, GetOne was able to attract the resources of top technologists, developers and investors, whose expertise and guidance has made the company flush with both experience and the financial resources to make GetOne a continuing success for years to come. We are extremely proud to have a team of top software engineers and developers that focus on diversity, dedication, taste for challenges and a collaborative mindset. Our success lies on our proactive attitude toward clients’€™ needs and new technology integration, our outstanding time to market and our flexibility in releasing state of the art features.

In addition to attracting highly capable people internally, GetOne has also attracted the interest of many high profile retailers and food vendors that are raving with excitement. Since its 2010 inception in the Atlanta market, GetOne has grown rapidly driving loyalty for national and local brands across the US.


We provide a quick, easy and sophisticated turnkey solution to increase customer retention through loyalty using mobile technologies. With our digital solution, businesses can now track and measure their rewards program in real-time while offering customers a paperless reward system. The digital rewards program is integrated with social media, communication and marketing platforms that allow businesses to communicate and market directly to their loyal customers and send personalized messages and coupons directly to their mobile phones.