GetOne Rewards Welcomes Flying Biscuit Cafe!

GetOne Rewards is delighted to partner with one of Atlanta’s most beloved – and tastiest – institutions!

Flying Biscuit Cafe Brookhaven 

The Flying Biscuit Cafe has been serving up delicious comfort food with Southern charm for over 20 years.  Stop by the Brookhaven location to feel the biscuit love and earn sweet rewards.

Customized Birthday Campaign

* Register at location to claim coupons and offers.
705 Town Boulevard
Suite R-480
Atlanta, GA 30319

GetOne Welcomes Johnny’s Pizza!

For amazing pizza and subs made with the finest ingredients, stop by Johnny’s Pizza.  You’ll earn great rewards just for enjoying delicious food!

Johnny's Pizza

GetOne Welcomes S’More BBQ!

Stop by the newest BBQ restaurant in Douglasville.  You’ll leave wanting s’more!

S'More BBQ Douglasville

6855 Douglas Blvd.
Douglasville, GA 30135

GetOne Welcomes Ben & Jerry’s!

We’re thrilled to have Ben & Jerry’s join the GetOne family!

Stop by for their legendary ice cream when you’re in Charlotte, Davidson, or Huntersville, North Carolina.

Ben & Jerry's Huntersville

16915 Birkdale Commons Pkwy.
Huntersville, NC 28078
Ben & Jerry's Davidson
202 South Main Street
Davidson, NC 28036
Ben & Jerry's Parktowne Village
Parktowne Village
1600 E. Woodlawn Road
Charlotte, NC 28209
Ben & Jerry's Foxcroft
7800 Fairview Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

GetOne Welcomes Mimi’s Attic!

Stop by Mimi’s Attic in Summerville, GA for great deals and more!

Mimi's Attic Summerville

10523 Commerce Street
Summerville, GA 30747





GetOne welcomes Paul Mitchell the School in Charlotte, NC

Stop in and say Hi to the fine folks at Paul Mitchell The School in Charlotte, NC!

Start earning a free haircut!

GetOne welcomes Jamwich in Rome, GA!

Stop in and say Hi to the fine folks at Jamwich in Rome, GA!

Start earning a free food Jamwich!

GetOne welcomes Rednexican Cafe in Newnan, GA

Stop in and say Hi to the fine folks at Rednexican Cafe in Newnan, GA!

Start earning free food!

Charlotte, NC merchants embrace GetOne. How about you?

According to a recent study by Loyalogy, consumers estimate that a strong rewards program will increase their visit rate to a particular restaurant by an average of 35 percent. Charlotte merchants such as Planet Smoothie, Jet’s Pizza, Haagen-Dazs, Nestle Toll House Café and Riley Rose are taking note. These business are discovering how a well-implemented digital loyalty platform makes accumulating, analyzing and reacting to the gathered data easier than ever before and positively influences the bottom line.Charlotte NC Embraces GetOne Rewards_sm

GetOne Rewards Inc., a company that streamlines marketing, social media and loyalty into one digital platform, is introducing this industry trend to retail and restaurant establishments in Charlotte. Using the company’s cloud-based digital loyalty and marketing program, merchants can track customers’ daily behaviors using data points to measure everything from in-store visit frequency to loyalty program levels to social media engagement. GetOne merchant users can also view trends over any time frame — what locations are performing the best and when, for example–and filter out the clutter. The results are dynamic enough to enable a store owner to examine single store trends while the CMO tracks companywide behavior.

“The data acquired through digital loyalty programs offers store owners much needed insights in to their customer base,” says Randy McCoy CEO of GetOne Rewards. “From speaking with Charlotte store owners, we have seen firsthand how a fully integrated loyalty program can not only drive new customers to the storefront but also entice existing customers to return more often.”

Historically, antiquated and outdated fishbowl-type programs have been common place among Charlotte store owners, but that trend is changing. Averaging 1,000 customer sign-ups per store front and ranging across multiple verticals, GetOne is a local trailblazer in customer loyalty.

“Merchants in Charlotte are beginning to unlock tremendous revenue potential by implementing a loyalty platform such as ours,” explains Jay Jackson, co-founder of GetOne Rewards. “This type of marketing power is giving our customers an edge over the competition, regardless of how much they are spending with traditional advertising and direct marketing strategies.”

Your customers want to give you their personal info… well, not give…

They want to trade it for fair value. Your customers, the average consumer, is daily becoming more aware that their data has value.

  • Value to them in that they recognize the security risks of giving up the wrong data in the wrong places.
  • Value to you, their vendor. What value? What are you going to do with this information?Customers want to give you info... well, not give...

Whether your customer is concerned about giving you information out of a security fear or just because they are bargainers by nature, they want some tangible value in exchange. According to a recent LoyaltyOne survey, 77% of consumers don’t feel they are getting any value from sharing their personal information. Yet 63% of those same survey participants said they would give up more personal information if they thought they would receive “relevant products and service offers in return”.

This is no surprise, customers continue to report a desire for personalized service. Relevancy of your product and service is why they’ve come into contact with you to begin with. The more relevant you can make yourself to their needs and goals, the more personal will you be perceived by those customers.

Let’s face it, coupon and even other loyalty programs can feel a bit mercenary. The pitch, “Come look at this shiny trinket so I and my 10,000 other coupon cooperative members can market at you”, is not what your quality customers are interested in, are they? We at GetOne Rewards, agree!

We believe in a multi-stage approach to proving to your customers the value of providing you additional information.

  • The first is obvious. Fair trade. “Provide me some of you information and get an immediate reward for doing so.” This data is between you and your customer. GetOne is here to facilitate your business, your brand, your messaging, your relationship with your customer, not a collective, marketing noise machine carrying on who-knows-what communications with your customer over which you have no control.
  • The next is then using that information to deliver “relevant products and service offers in return”. This is why you really want the information after all, isn’t it? If you know what your customer’s preferences are in regard to why they visit you, then you can use this to encourage their frequent return. If you know their birthday combined with their preferences you can provide a perfectly timed, relevant offer. That’s a solid relationship building opportunity, don’t you agree?
  • You can continue by crafting automated, targeted (i.e. relevant) promotions specific to each customer. We refer to this as Automated Relationship Management (ARM).

GetOne’s digital loyalty service facilitates just such capabilities moving beyond loyalty as a single, marketing approach to a comprehensive marketing program that:

  • Works for you while you are focused on your core business. It is unlikely you started your business to pursue being a marketing guru, eh?
  • Provides you the ability to build relationships with your customers even when they aren’t physically in your store.

Your customers are looking for that personal touch, otherwise they could just stay home and shop online or stop at the competing vendor they drive past to get to you.

We would love to have the opportunity to discuss how you can provide what your customers are seeking, which results in a profitable, comprehensive, customer delighting marketing program where everyone wins. Contact us today!


LoyaltyOne survey numbers quoted from, “TIPPING POINTS IN AN ECONOMY OF ONE” by Bryan Pearson, March 3, 2014