New Feature Released: Nearby Offers!

Last week we mentioned GetOne is adding a powerful new feature into the GetOne Rewards Mobile application. This new feature, Nearby Offers, is targeted specifically at acquiring new customers to your store!

This highly requested feature to further drive loyalty by drawing in new customers is now here! You asked, we listened, we coded… we released!

Nearby Offers will enable prospective, new customers to not only see that you are nearby, but what reward you are offering to attract them into your store. All on the move, right from their phone or other mobile device, whether they are next door or around the neighborhood.

Now store owners can set-up automated marketing to GetOne users who until now have not had the pleasure of your products and service! People you have never before interacted with now can join your loyalty program, taking full advantage of your comprehensive, automated marketing program. What better way to meet your new customers and introduce yourself?

Below is a walk-through of the new feature as it appears in the GetOne Rewards app:

This is the view when you choose the new "Nearby Me" tab. It looks for the locations around you and allows you to view them in both a map and list format - whichever you find works better for you. As you can see, if a location has created offers for their new customers a banner appears saying so. Note the “Offer Available” flag on FIGO Pasta.
Clicking on the banner displayed in the map screen above, then displays to prospective customers a list of all the offers available. There can be more than one, but customers can only claim one of those offered.
Clicking on an offer drops down the description and an “Activate this Offer” button to activate that particular offer.
Having clicked the “Activate this Offer” button, the new customer is advised they will be enrolled in the loyalty program. We refer to this as "activating" an offer. It allows new customers to claim this offer when they come in for their visit to your store! The offer doesn’t yet get marked as claimed.
Having activated the offer, the app advises the new customer to use the offer on the kiosk on first visit.
When the new customer comes into the store and enters their phone number at the GetOne kiosk, the offer is displayed in the “Coupons” section of the kiosk screen.

Anyone activating an offer is automatically enrolled in your marketing program!

Setting up, monitoring and managing Nearby Offers is simple, customizable and automated!

Select Nearby Offers under the Marketing tab of your GetOne web portal interface.

Track how your Nearby Offers are performing. Claimed indicates that a new customer walked in the store and is enrolled in your Automated Marketing Program!

Disable / Enable offers with the click of a button.

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