Digital Messaging Strategies: New Customer Messages (1 of 4)

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Previously, we discussed the 5 Must Haves of an Effective Digital Loyalty Program.

This is the first of four in a series on Digital Messaging Strategies. This will help you, the merchant, make the most of the 5 Must Haves by examining four specific messaging strategies to execute with your customers.

Strategy 1: New Customer Messages

Welcome new customers and show them how much you value their business with an e-mail greeting.

The new customer message provides a personal touch to your interaction. Offer special deals and discounts to let customers know that they made the right choice by signing up.

How can I use it?

Whether you prefer a simple greeting, introductory discount, or informational message with store hours and locations, you can customize content and automate the sending process. Once a customer signs up, the message is automatically sent to the e-mail address provided. That’s right, automatically! You set it up and let the marketing campaign do the work from there.

Sample Message

Thanks for joining Sally’s Pretzels Rewards program! For joining, we are giving you a coupon on your next visit for a $1 pretzel. Simply enter your phone number into the register and click to redeem! You are awesome!


Sally’s Pretzels appreciates your business. Thanks for stopping in!

You can learn more about us at our web site: www.sallys-pretz.els.

Our store hours are: Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm and Sat 10am – 10pm.

Stop by and follow us at our Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest pages!

Please contact us with any questions or feedback!

Next we’ll examine Strategy 2: Inactive Customer Messages


From “Digital Messaging Strategies” by Maria Khodorkovsky

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