Digital Messaging Strategies

Earlier this week we wrapped up a four partDigital Messaging Strategies Wrapup series on Digital Messaging Strategies.

Digital messaging is an increasingly important part of a comprehensive, digital marketing program. The proliferation of mobile devices means that you now have the ability to reach out to your customers and even prospective, new customers wherever they are. Of course, in the famous words of Peter Parker’s uncle, “With much power, comes much responsibility”. The power of digital messaging cuts both ways; positive messaging and negative.

Let’s start with the negative aspects to beware of in digital messaging.

  • Irrelevant messaging. Users get a lot of messages from a lot of sources. If you aren’t careful that your messages are relevant to them, customers will either subconsciously block them out or consciously remove your messages from their inboxes.
  • Too many messages. Let’s face it, we’re bombarded by information in our digital lives. There’s only so much we can absorb before we just start tuning out. Consider this as an adjunct to the negative of irrelevant messages. Even relevant messages received too frequently can weary users. Not a good way to establish your brand in their minds.

Onto the powerful, positive aspects to digital messaging.

  • Reach your customers when they aren’t at your store or thinking of you! Working strategically you can reach out to your customers with relevant information to get them thinking about you and eager to stop in.
  • Reflect and build your brand, your values, your story. Your business is unique and you strive to create an environment that reflects you and your goals. Use messaging to reinforce them.
  • Relevant messaging. With a digital loyalty program, you have the opportunity to learn more about your customers than ever before. Best of all this information isn’t something you have to spend hours gleaning from peripheral data sources. Loyal customers will gladly provide you extra information when properly incented with rewards.
  • Digital and data = Automated. Digital loyalty creates a situation where you know more about your customers. This not only allows for creating meaningful, relevant messaging, but the ability to create automated messaging campaigns. Automated systems are a lot like the “Terminator” in that they don’t get tired, they are always paying attention and never, ever stop!

At GetOne we refer to this as ARM = Automated Relationship Management. Consider a system that knows enough about your customers to automatically send them relevant messages, whether you are in the store or even thinking about your marketing program. Harness the power of a loyalty program into a comprehensive, digital marketing program that works for you so you can focus on the aspects of the business you enjoy most!

Review the four Digital Messaging Strategies further and ARM your business for greater visibility, mind-share and profitability.

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