Digital Messaging Strategy: Birthday Messages (3 of 4)

GetOne Rewards is committed to helpingDigital Messaging Strategies - Birthday - 3of4 small businesses achieve big results. Previously, we discussed the 5 Must Haves of an Effective Digital Loyalty Program. This is the third of four posts to get you started making use of the data you collect by examining four specific messaging strategies.

Strategy 3: Birthday Messages

Join customers in celebrating their birthdays by offering them a special treat. Customers providing birthday data can be enrolled in a birthday club to receive customized offers, which can be valid for the specified month, week, or day.

How can I use it?

Once a customer supplies birthday data, that information is registered and can be used to generate congratulatory messages and birthday perks.

Sample Message

Happy Birthday John! To celebrate your birthday, stop in and get 20% OFF an entire purchase during this, your birthday month!

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Next we’ll examine Strategy 4: Coupon Campaigns


From “Digital Messaging Strategies” by Maria Khodorkovsky

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