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The Data is The Gold

Learn about your customers’ preferences, opinions, experiences and relevant information. Use the data to enhance your customer service experience, improve your product offerings, create fun incentive programs, drive more loyalty and connect.

We will help you create fun and appealing campaigns to collect relevant information about your customers right at the point of sale! We will store the information, connect it to your existing platforms and help you sort it to create result-driven campaigns.

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Information is power
Our CRM solutions will help you get there faster

CRM Solutions Gather Information

1. Gather invaluable information

Use our permission based platform to gather customer names, emails, mailing addresses, zip codes, birthdays, and anniversaries. Reward your customers by offering additional incentive programs, such as a birthday club, or special campaigns and promotions. They can easily enroll at the point of sale.

CRM Solutions Customize Program

2. Customize your program

We will help you create your very own customized programs to gather the customer information that is specific to your business and most relevant to you in terms of loyalty marketing. There is no limit to what you can create and the value of gathering such information is priceless. As everything else with the GetOne program, all colors, fonts and images will be tailored to fit your unique brand’s style.

CRM Solutions Get Feedback

3. Get feedback

Create strategic surveys that can help you understand your customers better, improve your products and service and provide a better overall experience. Fun surveys also help decrease the perceived wait time of your customers as they will engage in fun interaction with the display. You can also reward your customer’s behavior instantly to encourage their willingness to share their information and increase the success rate of your survey campaigns.

CRM Solutions No Manual Entry

4. Forget about manual data entry

Forget about manual data entry, lengthy forms, printing materials and mailing forms. Instead, collect all customer information digitally. Save it in our data management platform and export it to other already existing platforms. You can save thousands of dollars in printing costs and overhead alone, while getting more productivity out of the information and much better results.

CRM Solutions Access Information

5. Access the information

You can access your information at your convenience and use it to create powerful loyalty marketing strategies. It is safely stored in our database for you to review, print, export or analyze in any way you need. Gathering customer information has never been so easy, convenient.

Fun and Easy

We make it fun and easy to start learning more about your customers. Forget about lengthy paper forms, phone surveys or even online surveys that your customers will forget to do once they leave your store. Capture the most important information about them when they are most engaged and willing, right at the point of sale. Reward your engaged customers with instant rewards and keep it fresh and easy by asking a different question on every visit!

How the GetOne CRM works

Nobody can tell you how you are doing better than your customers

Information is gold. Now, imagine the opportunities.

GetOne Features

Your new rewards program has many great features for you and your customers to enjoy.

Customer Collection: Collect customer information in the form of open ended questions, check boxes, radio buttons or drop-down lists, all optimized for the iPad touch screen.

Nested Collection: Filter future questions through the previous ones. For example, if the first question is ‘make of car’ then the following question can be ‘model of car’ showing only relevant models.

Page Customization: As always, you have 100% creative freedom to choose the style, colors, font and layout of your pages to fit the look and feel of your unique brand.

Questionnaire variance: Choose the amount of questions per visit that you want customers to answer. Have customers fill out only one question per visit to speed up the time and increase usage, or ask more questions to decrease perceived wait time.

Instant Feedback survey: Ask the customer how their visit was and get compliments and suggestions in real time!

Feedback aggregation: Ask a survey question and interpret the results by reading statistical measures such as averages and high/lows.

Subsequent Collection: Make the device exciting and interactive by asking new questions on each visit. The customer gets a new surprise every visit.

Customer Export & Integration: Export the customer data to popular formats, or with other CRM programs such as popular email management programs.

Customer Filtration: Sort and filter your customers by questions asked, allowing you to target a specific subset of your customers for specific marketing and communication purposes.

Instant Rewards: Give customers an extra reason to want to answer your question(s) by incentivizing them with a reward they can use instantly.

Instant Signups: Unlike traditional methods, once a customer has entered in their information they are signed up for your marketing campaign and can start participating instantly. Long gone is the need to wait for an administrator to manually enroll their application.