Digital Loyalty Program

A better way to do loyalty designed with success in mind

Creating a powerful loyalty program has never been easier or more fun!

We’ll help you build and customize a digital loyalty program that is effective, easy to use and will appeal to every single type of customer.

You can track all sign-ups and usage information automatically and use it to build targeted loyalty marketing campaigns.

Your success is our priority

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5 Reasons Why GetOne is better than everything else out there

Digital CRM Increated Usage Rates

1. Increased Usage Rates

The crisp GetOne display actively reminds your customers to participate in the rewards program every time they make a purchase. This active reminder results in an increased awareness of the program leading to a much higher overall usage. Plus, GetOne is designed to be self-intuitive, extremely easy to use and very, very quick.

2. Increased Effectiveness

Reward programs work but they are only effective when they are well executed. GetOne keeps the program simple and available to all customers by not requiring them to have to use cards, Smartphones, scanners or other devices to participate. Our solution drops the barrier to entry for participants who use the program and increases their likelihood of using it on a regular basis.

Digital CRM Decrease Fraud

3. Decrease Fraud

Enjoy a stress-free rewards program. All points awarded are strictly tied to sales. There are no fraudulent check-ins or unaccounted employee fraud. We help you keep your tabs in balance and we tell you exactly what is happening with your program in real time. Having fraud out of the equation means you can focus on offering attractive and exciting rewards for your customers, getting the most possible traction.

Digital CRM Maximize Flexibility

4. Maximum Flexibility

Our robust system is designed to be fully customized to fit your specific loyalty needs and marketing goals. Whether it is multi-reward levels, tiered rewards, dollars spent, visit counts, time limits, redemption limits, variable values or something else, we can build the perfect solution for your bussiness. We also work with you to match your brand’s unique design elements to make sure the program fits 100% into your store’s look, feel and style.

Digital CRM Complete Turn Key

5. Completely Turn Key

Relax and let GetOne do all the work. With a completely turn-key digital solution the only thing left for you to do is enjoy the results. The program is reliable, works on its own, requires very little effort or maintenace and is always running.

So easy everyone can use it!

A successful loyalty program should be easy and appealing to all customers. Most importantly, EVERYONE should be able to participate, regardless of technology level, age, status, gender or even location. Requiring smartphones, apps, scans, texts or cards to participate only limits the reach of your loyalty program. With GetOne, every customer has the ability to participate in your rewards program and doing so has never been easier. After all, it wouldn’t be a loyalty program if every customer isn’t able to join!

How the GetOne works

Use Less Time

The tracking of ROI is the key to the success of your GetOne Rewards program

GetOne Features

Your new rewards program has many great features for you and your customers to enjoy.

Cloud Based: A cloud-based program, gives customers multiple access to your rewards. With GetOne they can engage through our (or your) mobile apps, facebook/social media, mobile site or online depending on their lifestyle, preferences and interests.

Custom Development and Integration Available: GetOne Rewards offers custom development and integration services to ensure complete performance and reliability to businesses that qualify.

ROI Focused: The tracking of ROI is a key element in the overall design of the program. With GetOne, all activity is recorded and tracked and displayed in ways in which you can clearly visualize your results to identify areas of success and improvement.

POS Integrated or Agnostic: Depending on your preferences and current POS system, GetOne Rewards can be installed to run integrated or independent from your POS system.

Time out: Set a time limit for members when they are using the program. This security feature helps keep unwanted usage under control.

Low to NO maintenance required: Besides some periodical software upgrades that are done seamlessly in the iPad, there is NO maintenace or complicated processes required to run your digital program.

Detailed reporting: Access the status of your program 24/7 and in real time with our suite of reporting and metrics.

Automated tracking: Everything is tracked automatically so you don’t have to! From points, to coupons and rewards.

Easy Implementation: Implementing GetOne is fast and easy. We create your program, customize your design, pre-load all the components in your device and ship it directly to your location. All you have to do is plug and play.

Targeted messages and coupons: Filter the data to send customers tailored messages and coupons directly to their mobile phone.

Free Software Upgrades: Enjoy free software upgrades periodically that will keep your program current, on target and up to date. Most upgrades include new and improved features, added functionality and performance.

Social Media Integrated: Share with customers through Facebook and other social media and allow them to check their balances and perks when they are logged into their favorite social networking site.

100% Customization: Enjoy a rewards program that is completely customized to fit your style, look and feel. Images can be easily swapped and updated to keep your program fresh and current. Plus, your program will be displayed on one of the fastest tablets available, making it crisp, vivid and extremely responsive.

Mobile Apps: With the getone app for iPhone or android members always have their rewards in their hands! The apps tell them what’s new, what’s nearby, what the balances are for each account and stores all messages and coupons handy!