Mobile Communication

Make meaningful connections

Traditional marketing solutions like mass advertising and mass promotional campaigns are being challenged like never before and proven ineffective. Consumers now react mostly to interaction that is targeted to their interests and likes, personalized to their lifestyle, brings value and is not annoying or intrusive. GetOne helps you communicate with your customers the right way and build a positive perception of your organization or brand.

Building strong and meaningful relationships has never been easier. We will help you create targeted communication campaigns that are tailored to your customers’ likes and are more likely to have an impact. Our permission based approach ensures communication that is long term and perceived positively by your valued customers.


Good communication is key

1. Send the right message to the right audience

Filter the information you have collected and use it to craft powerful messages that are targeted to a specific audience. By custom tailoring your messages, they become even more meaningful and relevant and have a much higher chance of driving customer behavior.

2. Use multiple channels

There are different channels for different people and reaching all your customers can be quite a challenge. Use our cloud-based communication platform to deliver your messages in many different ways and let your customers decide how to stay connected depending on their preferences and likes. The more channels you use, the greater the chance to reach your audience!

3. True communication is long term

Disruptive marketing too often destroys relationships and creates negative associations with the brands that practice it. Most consumers want their privacy to be respected and valued and want to choose how to be contacted and by whom. Don’t risk the opportunity to build stronger customer relationships and brand love. GetOne uses permission-based communication methods that win the customer’s trust and help build a positive brand perception. Give your customers the respect they deserve, earn their trust and begin building long term loyalty.

4. Time is money

Communicating with customers is one of the most important things in building meaningful relationships but too often we lack the time. GetOne solves the problem by letting you create automated messages or incentives that are sent to customers based on their activity. Send unlimited messages and coupons to your customers without even having to think about it. It’s that easy!

5. Access the information

Access the status and effectiveness of all of your messaging campaigns and coupons instantly. Check the open and read rate of the messaging campaigns, track coupons and save all the information for future reference. You can have multiple campaigns running simultaneously while staying on top of the results with the click of a button.

Right on target!

Communication that produces the desired result is effective communication. A few key factors that get you closer to the goal of achieving effective communication include knowing the audience, choosing the most effective channel and, of course, the right message. We will help you get closer to your goal by giving you the tools to send a message through several communication channels, allowing you to filter the audience and craft a tailored message based on the targeted set of people that you are trying to reach. With GetOne, your communication will be right on target, literally!

How the GetOne Communications Platform works

Your long term communication with customers must outlast any other form of communication.

Creating meaningful relationships is now easier than ever!

GetOne Features

Your new rewards program has many great features for you and your customers to enjoy.

Cloud Based: A cloud-based program, gives customers multiple access to your rewards. With GetOne they can engage through our (or your) mobile apps, facebook/social media, mobile site or online depending on their lifestyle, preferences and interests.

Automated triggers:


Instant messages and coupons:

Multiple simultaneous campaigns:

Filter and sort:

Track and update:

Unique coupon codes:


Timing feature: