Reporting and Tracking

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Our state of the art visualization charts you can get quick overviews of the health of the program or you can dive deep and see an aspect of your business that was never before possible.

We will help you gain greater understanding about your business and identify areas of success and improvement. With our full suite of reporting and tracking tools, you will not only be able to view and search usage data, but you will also be equipped with the tools to interpret it and make marketing choices which really move the needle.

Reporting and Tracking

Knowledge is half the battle

1. Quick health & trend dashboard

Quickly view your dashboard screen for a snapshot update of the health of the program and general trends of the most important data. Find out in a snap what branches are performing the best and see the most recent usage.

2. A suite of enterprise reports

Run and view reports on all aspects of your data. See trends and pick apart the data in many ways. Find your best customers, ones who need a nudge, find out what locations are doing the best and at what time. Find out how often customers visit and how many visit different locations. Look at your data in as much detail as you want.

3. Higher usage means more detailed reporting

GetOne Rewards is 8X more effective than traditional or new-age complicated loyalty solutions. Eight times more usage means eight times more detailed data which allows you to interpret accurate trends on more of your customers.

4. Identify trends and patterns at 20 ft or 20,000 ft

With our proprietary interpretation and reporting algorithms, you can view trends over any time frame: days, weeks, months or even years. You can also filter out the clutter. A Single store owner can see single store trends, and the CMO can see company-wide or regional trends as well.

5. Filter consumers for marketing

With our reports, you can easily group customers into sub-groups for more effective marketing. Have a new lunch special? Send a message to customers who only visit at lunch. Open a new location? Just send messages to customers in that zip code.

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