Meet the Team

The Executive Team

Randal “Randy” A. McCoy
Chief Executive Officer
Randy is GetOne Rewards’ Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the overall direction of the company. Previous to GetOne, Randy was CEO, President and Director of Pipeline Data and of Cynergy Data. Randy McCoy held various executive positions in his 17 years with CheckFree Corporation, including Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President, and President of CheckFree’s Software Division. McCoy’s leadership included oversight of product development, corporate strategy and emerging technology. Under McCoy’s leadership, CheckFree Software grew from $70 million to over $200 million in revenue annually through a combination of organic and acquisitive means emphasizing dynamic sales growth and operational execution. Mr. McCoy is the recipient of many distinguished awards including InfoWorld’s Top 25 Most Influential CTO’s, AEA Spirit of Endeavor award for Outstanding Technological Innovation and is a guest lecturer at the Federal Reserve Bank annually recognized as a national expert on electronic payments. Mr. McCoy is the recipient of numerous patents for innovation in the electronic payments arena.

Justin Michela
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Justin is a technology enthusiast who plays an integral role in the company’s strategic direction, development, and growth. Being one of the key founders, Justin has been essential in the company’s growth thus far. As GetOne’s Chief Technology Officer, Justin is responsible for establishing the company’s technological vision and leading all aspects of the company’s product development.
Justin most recently worked in the Global Payments department at Amazon, a leading global Internet company and one of the most trafficked Internet retail destinations worldwide, where he was responsible for acting as a bridge between the technology and finance teams. Previous to Amazon, Justin was a Software Engineer at Google, a multinational corporation specializing in search, cloud computing, software and online advertising technologies. Justin holds Electrical and Computer Engineering degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as a Masters in Business from Duke’s Engineering-Business program.

Jim Douglass
Jim brings more than 15 years of operations management, strategic development and financial experience with high-growth financial services to GetOne Rewards. As GetOne’s Chairman, Jim is focused on the continued expansion of GetOne’s networks. Jim currently is a Partner at Fulcrum Equity Partners, and was most recently the Executive Vice President of Retail Advertising and Partnerships at Cartera Commerce, a leading provider of card-linked marketing solutions that increase revenue and customer loyalty for merchants, banks, card issuers and loyalty programs. Previous to Cartera, Jim was the CEO of Vesdia Corporation, a pioneer in partner marketing and merchant-funded rewards, which merged with Cartera in January, 2011. Previous to Vesdia, Jim served as CEO for Atlanta-based Visionary Systems, Inc., a provider of decision systems for credit providers and retailers. VSI was successfully sold to Trans Union in 2004. Prior to Visionary Systems, Jim served as the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Chief Financial Officer with CheckFree Corporation. While at CheckFree, Jim was part of the executive management team that grew the company to more than $500 million in revenue as the leading provider of electronic billing and payment services to financial institutions and portals. Prior to CheckFree, Jim served as Vice President and Corporate Controller of Medaphis Corporation, a leading provider of medical billing services and management software.



The Founding Team

Jay Jackson
Jay is one of GetOne’s key founders.  He took his vision and joined technical partners to successfully bring the initial product to market. Jay’s vision and passion are reflected in the company’s overall direction and development. Previous to GetOne, Jay founded Brewpot LLC a mobile marketing company for the craft beer sector. Previous to Brewpot Jay graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Masters of Science in Geophysics.

Justin Michela
We call him Super Man. Justin served as GetOne’s Lead Developer in the early days, a title he earned during his crucial role in the formation of GetOne. He is a Georgia Tech honor student in Computer Engineer and Computer Science and the creator of the GetOne database system that stores and sorts the information of your customers. Justin kept himself busy coding new features and applications, as well as building the first iteration of the GetOne Android mobile application. Known for his savvy computer skills, active teaching roles and uncountable charms, it is no wonder Justin is such a hit with the ladies…we don’t blame him for that one!

Robert Taylor
Brought into the founding team initially to work on some application design, Rob Taylor has taken on many more challenges to bring the product of GetOne Rewards alive. As the head engineer, Rob has prepared the underlying software and system infrastructure, and has written the bulk of the application code that powers GetOne. He continues to play a key role as he is responsible for software architecture and design, development strategies and operations, and system infrastructure.

Maria Bray
The story teller. One thing she can do very well is smile and catch your attention. This fiery Colombian is the #1 GetOne fan and she does not hide her enthusiasm and belief for the company. She graduated with a degree in Communications and Media Studies. Maria spends most of her time spreading the GetOne word and simply telling store owners across the country how GetOne truly makes a difference. Most recently she worked for BrainstormUSA, as their National Manager of Development and Communications. Her resume also includes TV journalism and bilingual operations for companies in the states and overseas.

Noah Witherspoon
iPhone Guru. GetOne’s Apple genius. As a Georgia Tech student, he developed the official mobile application for the Georgia Institute of Technology. Noah is an Apple Engineer, a freelancer, a mobile app builder, and obviously a rock star in this field. He has built several successful mobile applications and is responsible for creating the application you see at the kiosk and the GetOne iPhone app. Noah is well known for his passion for coding and his love for life. He works hard on the continuous improvement of all iThings. You will recognize Noah if you see a barefoot guy with a genius look about him walking down the street smiling.