Part 1 of 5: Must-Haves of an Effective Loyalty Program

This is the first in a five part series on what you should consider in implementing an effective loyalty program.

1) Make Signing Up a Breeze

Use Case: Jamie stopped by his favorite smoothie shop and noticed an iPad set up next to the cash register. After learning that he could earn points toward a free drink just by signing up, Jamie gladly agreed to register. He picked up a plastic card from the counter and after figuring out where on the iPad it needed to be swiped, began to fill out the detailed questionnaire. A line of people formed behind him. Ten minutes later and several questions left to go, Jamie decided that he didn’t really want that drink after all.

Simply enter phone number to sign-up

Simply enter phone number to sign-up

Before customers can begin to enjoy the perks of regularly visiting your store, they must first be motivated to sign up. There’s no faster way to discourage participation than with a complicated and lengthy sign-up process that makes customers feel like it’s not worth their time to join. Keep customers and cashiers content with manageable registration times.

GetOne’s system, for example, takes no more than a few seconds. Users merely enter their phone number to participate in the rewards program. No cards to manage, no muss, no fuss. Just the first must-have component in an effective loyalty program.

GetOne Rewards Overview Video

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From “Five Must-Haves of Effective Digital Loyalty” by Maria Khodorkovsky

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