Part 5 of 5: Must-Haves of an Effective Loyalty Program

This is the fifth in a five part series on what you should consider in implementing an effective loyalty program. GetOne would love to hear from you if you have anything you think we overlooked or if you have any questions.

5) Keep up the Communication

Use Case: Bianca was pleased with the loyalty program she set up for shoppers in her hardware store. She saw no reason to send e-mail notifications when she ran deals, discounts, or store specials; the rewards program was more than enough to keep customers coming back regularly.

While offering rewards goes aKeep Up Communications long way toward building a loyal customer base, regular communication is vital to keeping customers informed of your store’s latest news.

  • Advertise a 15% discount to be used between lag hours or seasonal slumps.
  • Inspire clients to try new products and services by announcing introductory rates.
  • Congratulate shoppers on their birthdays with an automatic greeting or coupon.

By establishing regular communication, businesses create a loyal and well-informed customer base that is eager to return, again and again.

Of course, there are better and worse ways to accomplish this goal. GetOne Rewards refrains from using text messages, which many clients consider annoying and intrusive, and which may prompt them to opt out of communications altogether. Text messages are also expensive, costing upwards of 3 cents per message, per user, and do not include read-receipt or coupon attachment capability.

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From “Five Must-Haves of Effective Digital Loyalty” by Maria Khodorkovsky

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