The Must-Haves of an Effective Loyalty Program

Over the past two weeks we’ve been covering the Must Haves of an Effective Loyalty Program.

GetOne Rewards is committed to helping our customers… merchants, grow their businesses profitably.

Getting a loyalty program is easy. Ensuring you GetOne (sorry can’t resist) that works to grow your business profitably is not as simple as printing off punch cards or even allowing someone to put a terminal on your counter to drive their coupon business.

Like everything else, loyalty is going digital. This provides exciting opportunities for merchants to provide customer delighting levels of engagement and true relationship building.

If you missed any of the Five Must Haves, please use the links below to review them.

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The Five Must Haves of an Effective Loyalty Program

Effective Loyalty checklist

  1. Make Signing up a Breeze
  2. Ask the Right Questions
  3. Do the Math
  4. Aim to Please
  5. Keep up the Communication


From “Five Must-Haves of Effective Digital Loyalty” by Maria Khodorkovsky

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