Where lies the loyalty of your loyalty program?

Where lies the loyalty of your loyalty program?Is the loyalty in your loyalty program accruing to you, your brand, your products and services? Or is it being siphoned off to the loyalty program provider? Are loyalty participants your customers or are you just another loyalty member permitted to access the loyalty program’s customers?

GetOne’s approach is to enable store owners first. They are the focus vs. other approaches which are consumer focused and merely allow store owners to participate. The loyalty service provider then becomes the focus of enabling consumer benefits, using the hard work of store owners. Store owners are GetOne’s customers. Store owners have customers, we refer to them as consumers. GetOne facilitates the store owners to increase their consumer customer base and improve the profitability of that base.

GetOne Rewards is in the business of helping small business grow their business profitably through a comprehensive, automated marketing program. This provides the ability to implement the best practices of digital marketing in a manner that delights and surprises store owners customers always communicating with the store owner’s personal style and messaging.

Loyalty is the start after all, but loyalty to whom? Store owners are seeking to increase the loyalty of their customers to their brand, their product and their service. This is in stark contrast to GetOne’s competition who focus on building the consumer’s loyalty to the loyalty program provider. The store owner’s branding takes a backseat.

GetOne starts with digital loyalty, but continues with a comprehensive, Automated Marketing Program (AMP). Like the famous Terminator, this automated marketing genius never gets tired, is never inattentive and always present for the merchant, enabling them to then always be with their customer. It automatically responds to every customer group with relevant, pertinent questions and messages or offers, that promote positive change in behavior for increased profitability.

GetOne believes that we succeed when we make store owners, our customers, thrilled with the profitable growth of their business. When store owner’s customers are delighted with the merchant’s helpful, intelligent and simple marketing program, merchants win. GetOne’s success takes a backseat to that of store owners. We only win when store owners have already won.

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